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User agreement

We kindly ask you to carefully read the terms of our User Agreement, which includes the Terms of Use of the Website and the Terms and Conditions Consent to the processing of personal data, leaving a request on our Site, you accept our working conditions.

Last Modified Date: December 16, 2018

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Terms of Use
Who are we?
1.1. We (the Lloretmania team) are an independent international real estate broker and do not represent the interests of any specific agencies or developers. We offer our customers a wide selection of lucrative offers from a variety of sellers.

1.2. Our mission is to find the best partner, agency or developer for our clients; advise on all issues of the purchase process and the conditions of the future property; achieve for our client the most favorable terms of acquisition and, if necessary, participate in the procedures for opening a foreign account, obtaining a mortgage, as well as assist in obtaining other banking services; minimize risks and provide the highest quality and professional service.

General provisions
2.1. We use the following concepts:
Site - a set of web-pages hosted on the Internet, united by a single theme, design and a single address space of the domain Our start page, through which all the other web pages of the Site can be accessed, is available on the Internet at http: //

Content - texts, design elements, illustrations, graphic images and other objects that are the result of intellectual activity or not such, the rights to which belong to the Administration.

The Site Visitor is the person who uploaded any page of our Site, as well as the page of any of his subdomains onto a device (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.).

User Agreement - the presented provisions defining the conditions and procedures for the use by the Website Visitor of the information and service system, as well as consent to the processing of personal data, which is an integral part of this User Agreement.

Local agents are real estate agencies, developers, brokers, realtors, banks and other financial institutions operating in that region of the world and market segment that interest the Site Visitor.

2.2. If you decide to use our Site, it means that by downloading any page, you agree to our Terms of Use and become a Site Visitor.

2.3. The User Agreement may be changed by the Administration without any special notice to the Site Visitor; These changes take effect from the moment of posting relevant information on the Site, unless otherwise specified by the Administration.

Site Visitors
3.1. You, as a Site Visitor, can use the Site and Services for the purposes of searching and selecting real estate objects, analytical materials.

3.2. Leaving your data on the Website, you have the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter, receive notifications about new and similar ads, get a free consultation with our manager.

Site administration
4.1. The Site Administration carries out the current management of the Site and has the right at any time to change the design of the Site, its content, the list of Services, modify or supplement the scripts used, the software, the Administration Content and other objects used or stored on the Site, any server applications.

4.2. The administration ensures the operation of the Site around the clock, but does not guarantee the absence of interruptions associated with technical malfunctions or preventive maintenance. The Administration does not guarantee that the Site or any Services will function at any particular time in the future or that they will not terminate.

4.3. The Administration has the necessary rights to the Content of the Administration (including with respect to the graphic images included in the Site, which are elements of the user interface). All materials presented on the Website are the intellectual property of the Administration and are protected by the regulations of Russian and international law in the field of copyright protection. The administration allows the use of these materials if you put a reciprocal link.

Privacy Policy
5.1. We process your personal data in order to make the best search for a suitable real estate object, effectively organize your cooperation with local agents (including banks) and advise you on any issues that may arise. The processing of personal data is carried out on a lawful and fair basis, including in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement.

5.2. We may process your personal data that you voluntarily provide to us, including your personal contact information (names, phone numbers and email addresses) and information related to your wishes on real estate.

Any of your talks (written, by telephone, via video conferencing) can be recorded and analyzed by us in order to improve the level of service quality and the efficiency of interaction with local agents.
6.1. In order to ensure the security of your Personal Data, we apply the necessary legal, organizational and technical measures aimed at protecting Personal Data from unauthorized or accidental access to them, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, submission, dissemination, as well as from other illegal actions in Regarding Visitors' Personal Data.

6.2. To better organize your cooperation with local agents (search for suitable real estate objects, prepare answers to your questions, receive banking products and services by you) we can give them your contacts and record your negotiations.

A responsibility
7.1. We are not responsible for the information provided on the Site. All information about the properties, including the description, location, photos, cost is provided by local agents, and in case of disagreement - all complaints are sent directly to them.

7.2. We cannot guarantee and do not promise any specific results from the use of the Site and / or the Services.

7.3. We are not responsible for possible failures and interruptions in the work of the Site and the loss of information caused by them. We are not liable for any damage to the Visitor’s computer, any other equipment or software caused or associated with the use of the Site or other web pages accessible via hyperlinks located on the Site.

Other provisions
8.1. The recognition by the court of any provision of the User Agreement as invalid or not enforceable does not entail the invalidity or impracticability of other provisions of the User Agreement.

8.2. Any dispute arising is negotiable. The pre-trial procedure for resolving a dispute arising from relations governed by the User Agreement shall be deemed mandatory. The deadline for pre-trial settlement of claims is at least 30 (thirty) business days from the date of receipt of the relevant claim. If there is no agreement on the settlement of the dispute, such a dispute shall be considered and resolved in court at the location of the Administration.

I am aware that this consent is valid for an indefinite period. Consent may be terminated on the basis of my written application. In the event of receipt of my written application to withdraw this consent to the processing of personal data, is obliged to stop processing them and exclude personal data from the database, including electronic data, with the exception of information about the last name, first name and patronymic .


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